We love numbers

It’s a numbers game. We help clients understand what metrics are most important to them, so they can fundraise, grow and accelerate their business.


Structure is your friend, it gives you freedom. We help you implement the reporting structures you need to measure how you’re actually doing, and where you should optimise to get where you want to go.

Reporting rhythm

Data should inform, not distract. We take a holistic view on how numbers drive each part of your business, and how often they should be reported. From weekly sales & marketing meetings to board & investor updates - we’ll make sure you’re reporting in the best way.

Raising funds

How much do you need to raise? Why this amount? When? How? From whom? We help support answering all these questions; not just the strategic planning phase, but also with the actual investment process from pitch practice to amazing pitch decks - we’ve got your back in this process!