Find your fit

Establishing product market fit is one of the hardest things any business needs to achieve.

And then once you’ve found it, you can’t stop there: you must keep evolving with the market & expand your share.

At X8IQ we don’t leave product market fit down to luck. Instead we focus on three core areas.

1. Solve the problem

Customers don’t care about your solution. They care about their problems. 
—  Dave McClure, 500 Startups Founding Partner and Investor

Establishing early on if your proposition really solves the customers problem is essential. Helping clients articulate “who’s” problem they are solving not only clarifies who the ideal customer is, but it also allows us to work out how many of them there are.

2. Find great markets

42% of startups fail because there is no market.
— CB Insights

Great markets equal success, whereas poor markets often result in failure. We work with you to ensure that you understand your market, its players and ensure it’s big enough to carry your growth ambitions.

3. Just Start Selling

If you can’t find early adopters, you can’t build a business. 
— Trevor Owens, Lean Startup Machine CEO

There’s no point spending time developing a product if you don’t know if anyone will buy it. That’s why we help our clients build a good Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and then quickly focus on selling to early adopters.

Rapid testing and learning are essential in this phase of establishing product market fit.